Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ramblings of a Twenty Something

As I sit here contemplating my value within the realm of time and space I stop to ponder the very essence of this title. "Ramblings of a 20 Something" started within my personal journey through a world of Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, Monogramed everything, and the very concept of a capitalist society driven by money, power, skin color, and age. Throughout history we have always seen the success of the rich old white male and this my friends is a tale still told today. As a 20 something I am determined to make my footsteps upon this planet something known. Armed with my thoughts and a goal to change the world I know this is a plan that will change the rest of my life.

I am a 20 something, but I am something you could never imagine. I am a thinker, a free speaker, a creator, at times a mess, but I am always capable. Never doubt the blank stare upon my face for within is an explosion of thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom just waiting to be unleashed upon this earth. For that I know I can succeed in creating my vision into a reality that will transform us all into a world of light. Do not discredit me for my age but rather for my actions. Do not doubt me for 20 but rather be amazed by the something I am.