Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ribbon-Tied Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Ribbon-Tied Wrap Bracelet Tutorial
Hello people of the internet! Today on this lovely Sunday, I will be sharing one of my favorite DIY accessories (okay complete lie I have too many to pick a favorite, besides no one wants a jealous riot of DIY accessories on their hands eek!)

Anywho here is a preview of what we shall be making!

 Cute right? and could totally cover up a wrist tattoo for the “professional” work place.

SO let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather Materials
 For this project you will most definitely need the following (unless you’re super                  creative or changing it up a bit in which case: KUDOS! Please share your version                below!)
          Base Fabric
          Decorative Fabric
          Sharpie or Fabric Pen
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
          Scissors, Ruler, Chalk, Pins, Etc

Step 11: Cut Those Pieces!
To begin I cut 2 pieces of my base fabric (greyish black) in a rectangle measuring 3” by 6” Then I selected a pink fabric (loved the abundance of exposed fray) and a thick white fabric for the word. I cut a random triangle of the pink and a small word-sized piece of the white. Then with a Sharpie or Fabric Pen I wrote the word “fearless” on the white fabric piece. For the ribbon, I cut 12" then cut that in half to form two 6" or just enough to tie a bow since the fabric cuff wraps all the way around the wrist.

Step 111: Pin it up!
I arranged my fabric pieces in a visually appealing way and pinned them in place to the top fabric ONLY!
I didn’t bother with tucking under the edges because I loved the frayed look but do as you please.          

Step 1V: Sew that mess!

I sewed (sewn?) all around the edges of the piece fabric (kind of goes without saying)

Step 5: Attach the better half!
Then (just as you were making a pillow or any other two-layer item pin the edges RIGHT SIDES FACING IN!!! and stich all around being sure to leave a space for turning it right side out (after all we did spend time making the front pretty).
 For attaching the ribbon pin it to the edge of each side with the pieces inside before sewing the edges (because that made sense)

Ribbon Sandwich!

Step V1: Turn the thing around! (Sounds better if you sing it!)
Turn the entire bracelet inside out and topstich the opening closed.


If you have any questions please ask them below, also share your versions! 
And as a lasting thought to contemplate over a steaming mug of Chai...Gandhi once said "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." My question for you is, what do you see?

P.S. Comment below if you would like me to add finished bracelets to the Elfin Adventure Etsy Shop (Grand Opening Soon!!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to My Cup of Tea

Welcome to My Cup of Tea!
A blog of Crafts and DIYs, tidbits, factoids, and more!

Firstly, let me start by introducing myself. Hello, how are you doing? Is your tea seeped? Great! Now let’s begin.
      My name is Brooke Pearson, college student, vegetarian, avid tea drinker. I have been doing various craft projects since I held my first hot glue gun at 8 (thanks Aunt DiDi!) and hand sewn my first pillow at 6 (Thank You Nana!) Throughout my crafting life I have dipped into knitting, crocheting, gardening, baking, cooking, soap making, candle making, and loads of you name it’s!
      By the time my second year (after high school) of college began I found myself living in the middle of nowhere back at my parent’s humble abode and needing 1. Extra cash (what college student doesn’t?) and 2. With an overabundance of finished crafts taking over my bedroom (Yikes!) So the solution to my first world probs was simple: Create an Etsy shop!


OH but this would not be any ordinary Etsy shop! My entire life has been spent preparing for this extraordinary moment! I spent hours, days, and many pieces of popcorn (lightly salted no butter please) devising my ultra-super awesome spectacular plan of operation. I excavated my brain of every craft I have ever loved and after sifting through the ones of silliness (puffball pencil topper anyone??) I deciphered the master code of sales: sell only what I love to make when I love to make it.
Simple Enough.
       I crafted days on end making multiples of all the things I felt drawn to make (if I didn’t want to make it life would’ve been torture: would you like fries with that?) By the end of my crafting rush I discovered three things: 1. I love crafting with recycled materials ONLY 2. I need a natural product line and 3. I have a passion for whimsical.
     A bit further in depth now!

One Second, Before I get tons of questions asking about my line of Christmas items let me please say ELFIN DOES NOT IMPLY ELVES, CHRISTMAS, OR ELVIS.
  Elfin: ADJ. Small and delicate, typically with an    attractively mischievous or strange charm.

Now back to what I was saying.

All of the crafts I’ve ever taken a fondness for have been made of items that would have normally been thrown away: boxes, paper towel rolls, plastic spoons etc. I love making something awesome out of something trashy (ha, get it?) this being said, all of the crafts in my shop have been crafted of recycled items, up-cycled atrocities, or completely made from things found around my parent’s home (BTW mom we are out of flour I needed more clay J) DISCLAIMER: yes some items do include things such as paint, hot glue, yarn, etc these things were store bought for other crafts and were lying around my room.

As a vegetarian and tea drinker extraordinaire I find myself an activist of many social causes and a pursuer of a more natural life style. This began my thoughts of a natural product line. It all started with some chapped lips and an article on the health risks of commercial lip balms (Gross!) so I internet searched for hours in the pursuit of an all-natural lip balm recipe (Vegan Friendly!) and discovered just how simple it is to make my own products. However it seems quite impossible to only use .15 oz of wax so I decided to sell the others. NOTE: I do use my own products and they have been tested on WILLING AND UNPAID individuals so I know they’re awesome. (I did say I wouldn’t sell anything to you guys I didn’t love) In this beginning I decided to just start off with lip balms and soy candles (all things I have plenty of experience making) in a variety of delicious scents to please even the pickiest palettes.
    Finally, this leaves whimsical. Everything you will find in my shop is unique, different, odd, and just a bit silly. I have an eye for different and a passion for standing out amongst the crowd.
     So really that is it! All about me and the founding of my shop, Now on to talk about why an Etsy shop needs a blog!
     (Hey no ordinary shop remember???)

Tis true I will not be selling every bit of what I decide at 11pm to create so I thought this would be a lovely way to post other craft tutorials and get feedback for future ideas. I will be posting my process for making many of the items in the shop but I will leave out crucial details in the interest of 1. Needing extra cash. However! Do not fret! I shall attach links directly into my shop if you would like to purchase the finished craft or product!

So for now my lovelies, I leave you with a thought of the day:

“When we long for life without difficulties,
remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds
and diamonds are made under pressure.”
~ Peter Marshall