Monday, November 10, 2014

First Published 6/4/14

It seems to me that absolutely everyone is now blogging and spreading awareness of how people most specifically girls should behave. How they should act, dress, and speak especially to members of the opposite sex. I find it incredibly disheartening that all of the emphasis is placed upon the female. Firstly these posts all discuss how a woman should attract a male, how to only attract the men that want them for who they are, and how to control what the men around you think about you based upon your mannerisms and clothing choices. Quite frankly I say fuck that. Why is every advice blog so centered upon women attracting men? I love how it is now the 21st century and women are more free than ever to express who they really are for no other purpose than to be who they are. Men have never had the problem of whether or not the random girl they walk by on the street will think he is a slut for a v-neck shirt or a prude for wearing a non-form fitting shirt. Men just do,


I have recently found some insight from discussing clothing choices with a specific male that chose to open up to the ways of the man (from his perspective of course not to generalize all men from one opinion) that guys have it easier, much easier. They simply wake up shower run their fingers through their hair a few times to achieve that trendy messy tousled look then throw on whatever tee and shorts or jeans are clean. That’s it. No debate over whether these shoes match this bracelet whether it’s okay to wear a baggy tee with baggy pants or should I change into a tighter shirt and my personal struggle: does wearing my bangs back give me a giant forehead?


I wonder simply why society has forced so much attention onto the female appearance but then the answer is simple. Fashion is feminine. Think about it from this perspective: how many shades of purple can any guy name? Now ask any girl and you get answers of lavender, mauve, fuchsia, dark purple, indigo, pastel purple, etc. Our society has modernly equipped women with the expectation of knowing these silly terms because not only should we dress for the weather but also the season too much dark in spring yet too pastel for fall. When did clothing become this apart of every way we act?


*Understandably the fashion industry is booming with many talented people sharing their voice through fabric as their medium it just builds an expectation for the rest that would rather experience more life than sitting naked in a closet wondering what to wear